Except in those bracelets with unique size, all our bracelets are available in 2 sizes:

• Size S / M 18 cm or 7", the standard for women.
• Size L / XL 20 cm or 8", the standard for men.

To know the extent of your size you should measure the contour or circumference
your wrist and add about 1,5 or 2 cm for this are not completely stuck, so you know which is the most appropriate measure of your bracelet.

To do this, you can use a string and then measure the resulting length with a ruler.

If the bracelet is made of elastic, keep in mind that you will not have any problem to wear it and take it off, because you can stretch it to colocártela.

Can I ask for a different size bracelet that are on the Web?

Of course if there is no problem with the make a little bigger or smaller bracelet as you need.

You only have to indicate this by leaving a comment at the time of confirming your request in paragraph 2 - Accept Conditions.

Remember that the easiest way to increase or decrease the size of a bracelet is adding or removing stones and these usually measure 8 mm, so try to approach as much as possible to give us.